Browsers may have different levels of support for technology features to others, and the old browsers are just getting old and no longer being developed.

For example, Internet Explorer is Microsoft web browser, released way back to 1995.

Over the years IE has been plagued by bugs, performance issues and security problems.

The reason why you should use and get a new Browser is:

  • Microsoft is no longer supports older version of Internet Explorer
  • Internet explorer Messed up how web pages display.
  • It is very slow
  • Sometimes we use Javascript features that may not work in Internet Explorer

What to use and which browser to choose mainly depends on what platform or device you are using, but we recommend

Google Chrome: Works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android

Chrome is a widely used browser, fast performance,  reliable and it supports different extensions and productivity tools.

Mozilla Firefox: Works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android.

Firefox is working with any platform, lighter and faster and has strong privacy tools

Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. We find that these two browsers work better with our application across many operating system platforms.