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KSIMS Videos Old

 Videos to help you register and complete your academic and financial requests on the KSIMS System 

Student KSIMS Portal ( Introduction)

How to register in KSIMS

How to finish the registration as student

How to edit personal details

How to manage your email

Return to Amend Request

How to apply for short holidays

How to apply for IELTS refund

How to apply for ‘To whom it may concern’ letter

How to apply for a programme offer

How to apply for Initiate Monthly Allowance

How to access Health Insurance Website

How to apply for the Graduation Statement

More Videos

How to freeze a scholarship

More Videos

How to manage your e-mails

How to change your discipline

How to apply for a Master’s degree offer

How to apply for a Foundation offer as English Language student

How to add a document

How to add a companion

How to add parents

How to add bank details

How to edit your password and username