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Welcome to UK

Welcome to UK

Dear new student,

The Kuwait Cultural Office London would like to congratulate you on your scholarship, welcome you to the UK and wish you a successful Academic Year.

To assist you with settling in please read the information below carefully.

When you arrive to the UK please make sure to register with the university/school as soon as possible. Attendance is taken very seriously by the institutions and the Cultural Office.

We issue students warning letters and inform MOHE accordingly when the attendance is below 85%.

To receive your allowance please log in to KSIMS and apply to:

Initiate Monthly Allowances











You need to go to the main menu (top left) click request, click apply, click Financial Request and you will see the icon above.

You need to upload a clear copy of the entry stamp in your passport so that we can see your date of arrival.

You will be paid from your date of arrival up to a maximum of 2 weeks before the start date of your course.

For example, if your course starts on 20th September and you arrive on the 1st- you will be paid from 6th September. If you arrive on the 18th you will be paid from the 18th. Please open a UK bank account as soon as possible as it takes longer for payments to reach a Kuwaiti account.


Please note that the monthly allowance is paid one month in advance for all the students.

For further instructions on how to request the allowance, please see this tutorial video:


GP and Health Insurance

You should register with a local doctor (GP) as soon as possible, there is no charge for this. You should also register for the private health insurance that the Health Office has arranged.

Please do this as soon as possible as it takes time to activate your policy. You register for this through our website.


All questions about your policy should be sent directly to the insurance company and any payments will be made by the company not the Cultural Office.


We advise you to arrange accommodation close to your university/school in a safe neighbourhood.

Please note that our website provides all the information you will require to start your studies and there are very useful videos on KSIMS to help you use the system.

If you have any questions, please contact your academic advisor and they will be happy to assist.


Best wishes and good luck,

Kuwait Cultural Office – London