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Accommodation Advice for Students

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Accommodation Advice for Students

Dear Students,

In our efforts to help our students with their accommodation while studying in the UK.  KCO-UK  would like to provide advice that can help.

Please make sure you have the right documents. KCO-UK provides each sponsored student with a (To Whom It May Concern TWIMC) Letter. However, we do not act as guarantor for any student.

  1.  Arrange accommodation in a safe neighbourhood.
  2.  Contact the international office at your university, institute who will provide you with the required support regarding finding reasonable accommodation (student housing, family, private apartment). They are experts in the area and will guide you to the best available options based on your personal preferences.
  3. To find accommodation, please use web search using the key words: Student accommodation, also you use the search key words such as: rent apartment or house in your city which will provide you with other site but not specific for students.
  4. Check the following websites. However, we are sharing them for your information:


الرجاء الاطلاع على القسم الخاص بخدمات المعيشة (السكن والخدمات)